About Upside

With more than 20 years of experience in asphalt and metal roofing, gutters, and roof system repair, Upside is a trustworthy company on whom you can depend to be prompt, thorough, and dedicated to quality.

We take pride in guiding our customers through their installation, making sure they know exactly what to expect, how to plan, and when the project will be completed.

We are more than a roofing contractor. We’re roof systems specialists who understand roof structures from framing and roof materials to gutters and downspouts.

Whether you need a new shingle or metal roof, rain removal system or roof system repair, we are happy to consult, advise and install to meet your needs.


We deliver high quality roofing services for a great price. Guaranteed.


We can help you with ALL of your roofing needs, even gutters!


Our estimates are thorough and detailed so you get an accurate diagnosis of your roof's state.

We are ready to help!

Need an estimate? We're happy to start the conversation and set up a convenient time to assess your needs.

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